Iranian American Political Action Committee (IAPAC)


Roxanne Varzi

Roxanne was born in New York City but has also lived in Africa and Malaysia due to her father being a United Nations  representative. After graduating from the University of California at Davis with a degree in International Relations, Roxanne worked for Christian Dior Inc. in Public Relations in NYC. She moved to Atlanta in 1987 and worked in publishing and P.R. before getting her Master of Public Administration from Kennesaw University.

Roxanne is very active in fundraising for both political campaigns and nonprofit organizations. She is a member of CARE Women’s Network-Atlanta and has lobbied on their behalf in Washington D.C. She is also involved with the Global Village Project in Decatur Georgia. Roxanne is a member of SCAD Fashion museum as she still has a passion for fashion!

Roxanne and her husband Benny have two daughters, Leila and Sofia. Leila just got her Masters in Management from Cambridge University and is working as a management consultant and Sofia is a sophomore at the University of Georgia. Both girls attended Atlanta International School and are fluent in multiple languages.

Roxanne hopes to utilize her international and political experience to help IAPAC educate Iranian Americans about the American democratic process and advocate for their interests!