Iranian American Political Action Committee (IAPAC)


Anna Kaplan
Councilmember Elect Candidate North Hempstead, New York (D-4th)

Anna Kaplan was elected to the North Hempstead Town Council District 4 in November of 2011.  The election was historic for it marked the election of the first Iranian American to a major office in New York State. 

Originally from Iran, Kaplan came to the United States as a young teen to escape the Islamic Revolution. After attending high school in Chicago, she received a B.S. in Biology and later earned a J.D. from Benjamin Cardozo School of Law. Following her graduation from law school, Kaplan worked at several New York City law firms. 

After the birth of her first child, Kaplan became a full-time mother and became very involved in the Pre-School program and then the PTA at the E. M. Baker School.  She became involved in the public school system because she believes that providing a good public education to all is one of the most important roles of government.   Kaplan was then asked to run for the Board of Trustees of the Great Neck Library District.  Thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers, she easily won the election and began serving her four-year term in January of 2008.

In 2010, Kaplan was made vice president of the Great Neck Library Board of Trustees.  In 2010, she was also appointed to the Town Board of Zoning and Appeals.

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Background Information
Party: Democrat
Occupation: Homemaker
Prev. Occupation: Attorney
Prev. Public Service: Great Neck Library Board of Trustees; North Hempstead Board of Zoning and Appeals
Residence: North Hempstead, NY
Education: BS Yeshiva University; JD Benjamin Cardozo School of Law